Fall 2018 Homeschool Art Classes

  Enrollment is open for Fall  2018 Home School Art Classes.

Enrollment is open for Fall  2018 Home School Art Classes.


New Fall 2018 Homeschool Art Sessions

Grades 1-4 Thursdays 11:30am-12:45pm  Elements of Art & Design, learn how color, shade, tint, balance and other elements are used to create a masterpiece.

Grades 5-8  Wednesdays 11:00am-12:15pm  Impact Art, learn and identify art in our surroundings. Create art projects that promote change and social awareness.

Grades 9-12 Tuesdays 12:00-1:15pm  Vivid Art, this course will encourage your artist to create art that relays a message; art with a voice. 

Cost: $185 for the first sibling, $165 for each additional child. 

Artsy Partsy has selected new, fun lessons for your homeschool artist.  During this 14 week series your student will learn about different styles of art and be challenged to try new techniques.  The Homeschool Art classes include a lesson workbook, an art portfolio, 14 projects, an ice cream party during class 7, one make up session and art expo hosted immediately following class 14. 

If you are a returning homeschooler please contact the office for exceptions regarding  groups allocations.


NOVEMBER 20-23, 2018

Call 410-760-KIDS for more information.